Hi, I’m Karin, lovely to meet you.
I'm Netherlands (EU) based and originally form Switzerland. Since 2000 I have been living in Haarlem. I share my life with my husband Jules, my two daughters and my cat Felix.

I worked for 20 years in the fashion industry and many other interesting areas.

About my art education: For the past 30 years, I've been trained by many talented artists. I did a part-time art education at Kunstschule Wetzikon (CH) and Zürich (CH). But I am mainly self-taught.

Since 2023 I have worked as a professional artist.

My inspiration

My artworks are free interpretations of nature around us. The woodlands and flower gardens are around the corner. My compositions are focusing on the interplay of colors, depth, and overall arrangement to convey the emotional resonance I find in nature.

I love the grounding power of trees and the invigorating cheerfulness of flowers. In essence, my art is an invitation to pause, reflect, and rediscover the profound beauty that exists outside.

My art is a celebration of nature's beauty and capacity to heal, inspire, and ultimately connect us to something much greater than ourselves.

Art studio Karin Frenay


I design my paintings so it is interesting from a distance, but up close you discover hidden details.

I use high-quality materials such as museum quality canvases, acrylic paint with high pigmentation and my paintings always have accents and details with oil chalk. At the end, the painting is varnished so that it remains beautiful over the years.


Your invited to the opening of my next exposition at @Wo-oW Ceramics Gallery in Haarlem. 6 April 16-10 h. Adres:

Gedempte Voldersgracht 12, Haarlem


6 April - End of June: Wo-oW Ceramics Haarlem New Flower Collection

Jan - March 2024 Dutch Luxury Design

Nov 2023: Kunstlijn Haarlem Ijzeratelier

Abstract Flower Painting by Karin FrenayAbstract flower painting by Karin Frenay