Bring the wonder and beauty of nature inside.

My paintings show flowers dancing in the light, trees, and woodlands that spread soulful serenity. 

My art lets your body and soul rest and give you a moment to dream away from the hectic daily life. Like nature helps you to destress, ground yourself, and get reenergized, my paintings do the same:

Uplift your mood and raise your vibration.

I would love it if you join my collector's circle and stay in touch.



Do you have a special memory of your garden or a landscape that touched your soul ?

Discover how it works to commission me with a painting that fits your wishes.


People are saying:

  • My new painting hangs in the hallway and every time I enter or leave the house it makes me smile. I just love it!

    - Anne E.
  • I love the perspectives you choose and the compositions you create. The trees looks so real like I could touch them.

    - Madjori V.
  • The quality of the print is amazing. Beautiful paper and high quality print. Thank you for taking care of this special order.

    - Peggy B.

Meet the artist

Hi, I’m Karin, lovely to meet you.

My artworks are free interpretations of nature around us. The woodlands and flower gardens are around the corner. My compositions are focusing on the interplay of colors, depth, and overall arrangement to convey the emotional resonance I find in nature.

I love the grounding power of trees and the invigorating cheerfulness of flowers. In essence, my art is an invitation to pause, reflect, and rediscover the profound beauty that exists outside. It is a celebration of nature's capacity to heal, inspire, and ultimately connect us to something much greater than ourselves.