Bring the wonder and beauty of nature inside.

Expressive art that connects you with nature.

It invites you to recharge relax and reconnect with yourself.

Decorating your home or office with artwork that reminds you of joyfull moments; of experiences that touched your soul and enriched your life, is so powerful. You subconsciously and consciously remind yourself of these moments and recharge your system automatically.
Isn’t that magic?!

People are saying:

  • Beautiful color combinations!

    - Marie-Hélène S.
  • I love the perspectives you choose and the compositions you create.

    - Madjori V.
  • Wow this looks amazing. The lines and colors are interesting from close-by and from a distance

    - Peter van D.

Meet the artist

Hi I’m Karin, lovely to meet you.

Nature is my source of inspiration. It invites us to recharge, relax and get inspired. Expressing my love for nature in my paintings is my joy. Enjoy it with me.

I create expressive and colorful paintings of trees, flowers and gardens, to bring the wonders and beauties of nature inside. Relish a vivid and happy memory of a flower garden or reconnect with memories of a long walk in the colorful forest in autumn. It’s like a view out of your window, to relax and recharge, that spreads happiness and comfort all year long. A great addition for your home or in your office.