Commissioned painting - castel garden


Do you have a special memory of your garden, a landscape that touched your soul or a space that needs some positive art?

I can make your memory into a painting.

It is so stimulating to work closely with a client. To realize a personal vision that has a special meaning to someone. Whenever I work with a client, I feel privileged and honored to fulfill his/her vision.


The process is simple really:

  • Firstly, once in touch, we chat about what type of painting you are after and what type of feeling you want this piece to bring to you or your space.
  • We define the size of the painting so that it fits perfectly into your space.
  • Maybe you have special wishes abut the colors or your have pictures of places you love, think of memories your garden or a walk in a beautiful landscape; that you would like me to paint.
  • Once the commission is established and I receive a 50% deposit, I get to work. If your want I will share process photos with you to keep you involved and to be sure what I am creating sings to your soul.
  • Depending on my workload commissions take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to complete.
  • Once the painting is finished, I will receive the final payment and ensure safe packaging and send it to you.
Art studio Karin Frenay


I can make commissioned work of landscapes, gardens, views, forests & flowers.

I use high-quality materials such as museum quality canvases, acrylic paint with high pigmentation and my paintings always have accents and details with oil chalk. At the end, the painting is varnished so that it remains beautiful over the years.

Duinzicht van Karin Frenay

My client wanted a painting that had a relaxing and calming appearance like a view of the dunes. We live in Haarlem (NL) and close to us we have a beautiful nature park, the Kennemer Duinen.

She will hang this painting in her doctor's office and would like to have the opportunity to stare 'out the window' now and then. And also that it spreads a soothing vibe in her practice.

It was a lovely commission to create that allowed me to explore the landscape through my client's eyes.

April 2024

Please contact me to explore the possibilities for a commissioned painting.

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Chateau de Borie Garden View by Karin Frenay

A view of the garden of Chateau de Borie. What a beautiful assignment to make.
I made this composition from various photos that Abby sent to me to capture the atmosphere of a warm summer day in the garden of her castle.
Discover her beautiful adventures on her YouTube channel.
We have decided that we will also offer prints of this painting to her followers and anyone who likes it. You can choose from various options via this link.

Prints Chateau de Borie