7 tips how to create a gallery wall

7 tips on how to create a gallery wall

 Some people prefer one big artwork on the wall others love gallery walls. However, it can be a challenge to combine artworks into a cohesive gallery wall.

If your interior and art taste diverse and eclective, then a gallery wall is a great way to decorate your home.

Here are 7 tips to create a gallery wall

  • Choose art with the same frame or the same frame color.
  • Combine artworks from the same artist ( like these pictures with paintings from me) ;).
  • Take a color you like and choose only art from that color family. 
  • Combine art from one art style only (abstract, expressive, portrait landscape…).
  • Mix originals, prints, mirrors, and objects together it gives a great eclective combination and it shows all the things you love.
  • Order two art prints from several prints and hang them together, see picture 🔽
  • Do whatever you want, it’s your home.

I'm sure I missed several tips, maybe I will update this blog post when I remember them...

Have an arty day!

Art by Karin Frenay

Art by Karin Frenay

Art by Karin Frenay