I was so surprised! A garden story...

By painting and studying the shapes, proportions and essence of flowers for weeks, I have become aware of something new and surprising for me.

Flowers spread a very refined, tender and fragile energy. The pure opposite of the dynamics of our daily lives in a busy existence. Where we must show ambition, passion and perseverance.

And I was surprised!

By delving into the world of flowers, I experienced the softness and silent power of flowers and became aware of it. This soft energy of flowers has completely surrounded and penetrated me. It felt nourishing, very soft and ethereal. It is a soft and tender 'force' that flowers spread, a gift for people and animals, that we often can't experience because of our stressful lives. 

In my flower paintings I would like to depict this radiance and soft power of the flower world.

The spreading of colors, kindness and beauty across gardens and landscapes, the diversity of flowers, the different shapes and there beauty.

Moving lines that show that nature never stands still.

Flowers enrich, add color, nourish the environment on a very gentle level, bring joy, variety and are a gift from nature.

I once had a garden, and I put a lot of work and energy into it. I loved my garden, it was so nice to discover every day what grows and blooms, what decays and disappears, who lives in it and what nourishes it in that garden.

I loved my garden but what surprised me most was that I felt that the garden loved me back!

Did you ever had such an experience with nature? Please let me know.